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Visitor Sign-In Process
In an effort to ensure the safety of our students at DHS a sign-in/sign-out procedure has been put in place for visitors. As in the past visitors are expected to come to Door #1 and will be required to sign-in at the front desk. Visitors will be required to leave their car keys and a picture ID before entering the building. When leaving the building visitors will be given keys and ID back in exchange for the visitor tag. The process should give us better information about who is in the building and also create some accountability procedure for all involved.

Attendance Policy Changes at DHS
One of the key elements in student success in school is excellent attendance behaviors. To that end we have adjusted our expectations and penalties for students who are Late to School or Tardy to Class. It is the belief of the staff at DHS that every class meeting is important and that anything less than perfect attendance can have a detrimental effect on the individual student and his/her grade, but also upon his/her future success.

Key changes to be aware of: Late to School situations and being tardy to class will be tracked differently this year than in the past. Student attendance will be tracked electronically across the school. Students will be allowed two tardies to periods 2-7 and 2 late to Schools before discipline consequences are applied. Please refer to the student handbook for further explanation is. Discipline consequences will include Wednesday Detentions, Saturday School Detentions and escalating consequences with succeeding infractions.

Closed Lunch and Delivery Policy
Students, families and friends must be aware that DeKalb High School policy and procedure dictates we take no deliveries of flowers, balloons, birthday gifts or any other gifts to be distributed to our students at any time at the Security Office located at Door #25 or the front office located at Door #1.
The lunch hour(s) at DHS are also considered closed to the public. Visitors will not be allowed to meet or greet individuals who are eating, nor are individuals allowed to bring food into the school from restaurants or other food service providers. The lunch hour(s) at DeKalb are closed to catered foods, fast food, restaurant food and any other professionally prepared foods.