DHS Course Selections for 2013-2014

Current 8th grade students and their parents should mark their calendars for Freshman Orientation on Thursday, February 14 at 6:30 pm in the DeKalb High School auditorium.  Students will receive their Course Description Handbooks and will have a thorough presentation concerning freshman class offerings, including New Tech and traditional high school options.  Guidance counselors will make presentations to current 9th-11th grade students during the 2nd week in February.  All students will receive course selection materials during the class presentations.  Students will select courses and obtain teacher recommendations and parent signatures by February 22.  Parents and students should review the course description book closely for new courses, prerequisites, and recommendations. 

Students who do not complete their course selections by February 22 may have courses chosen for them and/or not be allowed schedule changes if requested.  Students and parents should review grades at the end of each semester to make certain that course prerequisites, grade recommendations, and diploma requirements continue to be met.  It is critical that students and parents take this course selection process seriously.  Students’ academic preparation for future high school courses and post-secondary (life after high school) opportunities depend on foundation courses and performance.

 DeKalb High School is committed to students taking the most challenging courses appropriate to their abilities and career plans.  It is also important that students begin their college research early to determine individual college admission requirements.  In general, 4-year colleges require at least the Core 40 diploma and often require additional math and world languages.  Certain colleges require major-specific admission requirements.  DHS strongly recommends that capable students strive for the Core 40 with Academic Honors to more fully meet college admission requirements.