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DeKalb Advanced Robotics Team

posted Feb 10, 2013, 11:49 AM by webmaster dhs

The robotics team is a new extracurricular activity this year at DeKalb High School.  The team builds and programs a robot for competition.   D. A. R. T (DeKalb Advanced Robotics Team) consists of 12 students and Nu-B (newbie), is the robot.

The robotics team is split into two groups:  the mechanics and the programmers.  The mechanical team consists of: Kara Carpenter, Jessica Dye, Jason Hewitt (lead), Izzy Kranz, Zach Lennon (lead), Daniel Morgan, Zach Speak, and Zach VanCamp. The programming team members are: Nick Lennon (lead), Will Pierce (lead), Jayd Schlosser, and Derreck Slone. The drivers are: Jason Hewitt, Zach Speak, and Zach VanCamp.  Navigators are: Izzy Kranz and Derreck Slone. The team captain is Jason Hewitt and coaches are Matt Lennon and Ms. McSpadden.

The course for competition is not a big field or a court; as in a soccer field or a basketball court. The robotic field is 5 feet long and 3 feet wide. Within the course are four “lamps”, four pairs of blue and yellow buttons, a red and a green course, two buttons at the poles of the course (one red and one blue), two blue circles, and a platform, in the middle of the course, with 44 eggs; 20 green, 20 red, 2 golden, and 2 blue. The red and green eggs are placed on a platform about 2 inches off the carpet. The course is divided into two sections; the red and green.  This is where the two robots square of.

The team has two minutes to compete. Normally 11 teams make up a competition.  All eleven teams compete against each other.   For the first 15 seconds, Nu-B is in autonomous mode, meaning the team has no direct control, Nu-B is on his own.  Nu-B’s first assignment is to go push the blue buttons on each of the side of the field.  He cannot touch the red button.  For each button Nu-B pushes correctly, the team receives 6 points.  Hitting the wrong button gives one point to Nu-B’s opponent.  During the remainder of the competition the team may either place eggs under a lamp for one point or place eggs into the blue circle for two points.  If eggs are placed in the blue circles they must be a golden egg.  The golden egg gives the team an extra point.  After the autonomous mode, Nu-B, the drivers and the navigators have one minute and forty-five seconds to score more points than the other team.    

For more information you can go to the website or contact one of the team members or Ms. McSpadden.