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Project Lead the Way Pre-Engineering Courses

posted Jan 31, 2013, 5:05 AM by webmaster dhs

Project Lead The Way® Pre-Engineering Courses Offered at DeKalb High School

We would like to inform you about an exciting opportunity for your son or daughter called Project Lead the Way®.  This nationally recognized pre-engineering curriculum is now in its fourth year at DeKalb High School.  If your son or daughter has done well in an Algebra I or higher math class at the Middle school or High School level, he or she is not only eligible to participate in the program, but should excel in and enjoy the course.

Project Lead the Way®(PLTW) is a series of courses that are offered nationwide to promote careers in engineering and connect math and science courses to technology in a more high-tech project-oriented environment.  This series of classes is designed around the use of a computer to engineer products, solve problems, and develop skills in engineering communication.

Many students discover that they have a serious interest in this high wage field in which a large number of employment opportunities exist.  With more than half of the country’s engineers and scientists nearing retirement, a future need will exist for more than one million engineers and technical workers.  Also, a large number of women are enrolling at DeKalb HS and across the country in engineering programs as employers are specifically seeking female engineers.

At DeKalb HS the pre-engineering classes are part of the honors program and are included in the Science and Math Pathway.  PLTW courses are also part of the Advanced Placement courses which use weighted grades when calculating GPA.  If you are working toward a Core 40 or Academic Honors Diploma, these courses will count as directed electives.  Project Lead the Way® courses may be completed for dual credit, meaning that your student may earn high school and college credit simultaneously through agreements with universities across the country, including Rose-Hulman, Rochester Institute of Technology, Ivy Tech, IUPUI,  and Purdue University.  Students who plan to pursue other careers also benefit from these courses and enjoy the challenge that they bring.

If your son or daughter is interested in Introduction to Engineering Design™ (IED), the first course, they should schedule the class during the upcoming counselor scheduling sessions.  Students who have already taken IED are then eligible to take the second level course, Principles of Engineering™ (POE).   After POE the third level courses are Civil Engineering and Architecture™ (CEA) and  Digital Electronics™ (DE).     It is recommended that students begin the program as soon as possible so that they will have an opportunity to take as many Project Lead the Way® courses as they wish throughout their high school career.   Juniors and Seniors taking Precalculus/Trigonometry or higher math classes and the desire to go into engineering, may be eligible to take the advanced PLTW courses without the pre-requisites.

If you would like more information, please contact the PLTW pre-engineering teacher below. We also encourage you to explore the Project Lead the Way’s® web site at


Moira McSpadden     920-1012 ext. 2175