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Silver study turns to gold

posted Feb 17, 2014, 6:01 AM by webmaster dhs   [ updated Feb 17, 2014, 6:01 AM ]
From the Star--Waterloo--Studying the advantages of silver turned into a gold-level award for Abby Brown of DeKalb High School.
     Brown, a sophomore, earned top honors Saturday in the high school division of the DeKalb Central Science Fair for her project titled "Silver...The New Antibacterial Gold Standard?"
     "There hasn't been much testing on silver about its antibacterial properties," Brown said after accepting her award.
     Brown tested two types of silver suspensions, 10 parts per million and 30 ppm, for their effectiveness against four different types of bacteria.  She found they affected three of strains of bacteria, and the 10 ppm solution proved to be more effective.
     "I wold like to go into health or medical science" as a carer, Brown said a out the reason she selected her topic.
     She and other winners are eligible to enbter the regional science fair March 15 at Trine Univerwsity.
     The complete list of high school winners:
     1.  Abby Brown, 2.  Will Pierce, 3.  Abby Bainbridge; honorable mention:  Madison Fifer, Leah Hefty; special awards:  Star Images--Christina Voirol; IN-MED--Ashlyn Teders; DeKalb Memorial Hospital--Eli Travis; Metal Technologies Inc.--Hannah Johnston; Rathburn Tool--Madison Fifer.