DeKalb High School students will participate in the Indiana Prevention Resource Center’s Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Use Survey, which will be administered on Tuesday March 12th or Thursday, March 14th during Homeroom Class. The survey is 100% anonymous in nature. Students will be asked to respond to various questions concerning their personal use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs over the course of their lifetime. The survey also assesses students beliefs about the use of controlled substances, peer perceptions, school and neighborhood environment issues, and after school hours behaviors. The survey will help teachers and administrators make informed decisions concerning the use of controlled substances among students thus allowing the school to design interventions that will help maintain our learning environment. Individual students will not and cannot be identified on the survey and participation in the survey is voluntary. Parents can get a copy of the 2012 survey by going to the Indiana Prevention Resource Center website at  If you have questions or do not want your child to participate, please contact Mike Cochran at DeKalb High School (phone 920-1012 ext. 2054)  or email or  by mail at 3424 C.R. 427, Waterloo, IN 46793