Talent Development

We believe that all students have unique interests and strengths.  Our mission is to recognize, nurture, and enhance the development of those talents by providing educational experiences that will allow students to pursue their interests and reach their greatest potential.

Giftedness and talent refer to students' potential to become healthy, independent, creatively productive people.  Programming is an on-going process, through which we recognize and nurture each student's potential.  An environment is created where students' strengths and talents are recognized and enhanced through specialized learning experiences that are challenging and developmentally appropriate.

We believe that identification of students should be based on the characteristics derived from strengths, talents, and sustained interests.  Identification is a continuous process that occurs as a result of talent-spotting, interest based surveys, and re3ferrals.  Identification is inclusive as it enables us to better recognize the varying strengths of our students on an individual basis.

Our program's effectiveness is based on the premise that opportunities for all students to learn will be offered through the four Levels of Service.  We believe that our regular school programming is the foundation for learning.  The Levels of Service approach offered through our talent development program builds upon differentiated classroom experiences.  In addition, our program establishes a link to the community as a partner in learning.​