Volunteer Information


WHO SHOULD COMPLETE A SCHOOL VOLUNTEER APPLICATION?  Any adult wishing to volunteer in any capacity at any DeKalb Central School, who did not volunteer during the previous school year, must complete an application.

WHO SHOULD COMPLETE A SCHOOL VOLUNTEER RENEWAL FORM?  Any adult who had a volunteer application approved for the 2011-2012 school year and wishes to volunteer again during the 2012-2013 school year must complete the volunteer renewal form.

LIMITED VS. EXPANDED?   A limited check is conducted by DeKalb Central Schools when a volunteer will be working in a classroom or in a capacity where there will be a teacher or other school representative presents at all times.  An expanded check should be purchased by any individual wishing to work or interact with students who at times may not be under the supervision or scope of the teacher or school representative in charge of overall supervision of the activity or event.  Any volunteer wishing to attend a field trip must complete the expanded criminal history check.

WHO RUNS THE LIMITED CRIMINAL HISTORY CHECKS?  The principal will designate an individual from the school to perform the limited checks on potential volunteers at no cost to the volunteer.  Applications are then approved or denied by both the building principal and superintendent.

WHO PERFORMS THE EXPANDED CHECKS?  Volunteers inform the school on their Volunteer Application of their intention to complete an Expanded Criminal History Check.  Volunteers should then go online to the district website, www. and click on Volunteer, then on Expanded Criminal History Check, complete the questionnaire and pay the fee of $27.50.  After completeing the online chick, volunteers should allow at least 2 weeks for the results to be available to DeKalb Central Schools.  A copy of the results will be mailed to the individual by the district.  Once results are received, the volunteer's application will be approved or denied by both the building principal and superintendent.

PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT OR ANOTHER AGENCY?  ALL volunteers will have a limited criminal history report run on them when applying to volunteer with the district, however, if the applicant believes that he/she has a valid expanded report through another business or agency, they may present the school district with a copy of that report.  The report must be conducted via a national search such as through the Indiana State Police or Safe Hiring Solutions.  It is the right of the school district to accept or decline the report presented.

WILL A VOLUNTEER AUTOMATICALLY BE DECLINED DUE TO PAST OFFENSES? No.  It is important for the volunteer to be thoroughly honest when completing the volunteer application and to explain any situations that may reflect negatively on them through a criminal history report.  Each situation will be reviewed independently.

Was the volunteer honest?
Was the application complete?
What is the volunteer wanting to do?
How long ago was the offense?
What was the type of offense?
Was there a conviction?
Is there additional information necessary to make the determination?

WHAT HAPPENS IF A CRIMINAL HISTORY REPORT CONTAINS INFORMATION THAT IS IN CONFLICT WITH THE VOLUNTEER APPLICATION?  The administrator will contact the volunteer to inquire about the conflicting information and make a determination if the volunteer will be denied or if there is additional information that will be necessary in order to move forward in the application process.

HOW LONG ARE CRIMINAL HISTORY CHECKS VALID?  All volunteers with an approved application on file must complete a School Volunteer Renewal Form at the beginning of each school year, at which time a limited criminal history check will be run by the school.  Expanded criminal history checks will be on file for five years from the date they were originally processed.  DeKalb Central School Board Policy states that if an incident takes place with an individual, it is the volunteer's responsibility to notify the school district and their status as volunteer will be reviewed.  Or, if it is reported to the school that an individual has had an incident involving criminal history, DeKalb Central Schools has the right to review the volunteer's status sooner