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Chromebook Protection Plan

Frequently Asked Questions


If I purchase this plan, what does it cover?

This protection plan protects the student and parents from any cost that would incur as a result of accidental damage to the device and is completely optional.


What is NOT covered?

Chargers, intentional damage, or damage done as a result of negligent misuse/conduct.


Will I be able to sign up for a Protection Plan again next year?

Yes! This plan will be offered every year.


If I purchase this plan, how does my student get their device repaired?

Any student who has an issue with their device should turn their device into the Media Center,

where they will receive a loaner device while the damaged device gets repaired.

Most repairs are completed in 24-48 hours, depending on part availability.


If my student needs a new replacement, will they get a newer Chromebook?

Any time a full replacement is issued to a student, they will receive the same model

Chromebook as they had previously.


If purchased, when will the Protection Plan expire?

The Protection plan covers the device until next year’s registration. However, if your

student’s device is totaled or needs a full replacement (cost: $150), this will exhaust the

current plan. When the replacement device is issued, parents will have the option to

purchase another protection plan for the new device for another $20.




2017-2018 Repair Statistics

High School

(1,147 Students)

Middle School

(832 Students)

Total Repair Requests



Parts Replaced



Screens Replaced ($30 ea)



Keyboards Replaced ($45 ea)



Motherboards Replaced ($115 ea)



Misc Replacements